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Childbirth survey.

Hello! I am doing research for a term paper on homebirth versus hospital birth and would very much appreciate some help from you! All you have to do is fill out this very brief survey:

First, just for statistical purposes:
1. Age:
2. Gender:
3. Location (just the country or region's fine):

Now, the survey itself:
1. What does the phrase "homebirth" mean to you?
2. What does the phrase "hospital birth" mean to you?
3. Have you or has anyone you know given birth in a hospital? What was the experience like?
4. Have you or has anyone you know given birth at home? What was the experience like?
5. If niether you nor anyone you know has ever given birth, where do you think you or they would?
6. Which do you think is the safer option? Why?
7. What would influence your choice of either option?
8. What would be your concerns about either option?
9. Who do you think would provide better care, a doctor or a midwife? Why?

Comments will be screened for the privacy of commentors, but if you'd like your reply to be public feel free to make note of it and I'll unscreen it.

Thank you very very very very much anyone and everyone who chooses to help me out with this. If you could please direct other people this way, I'd really appreciate that too. It's a very informal survey, but it'd definately help to get as wide a sampling as possible, ne? Thank you!

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