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At 5.50am on Saturday morning, my wife came bursting into the bedroom, turned on the light and thrust the pregnancy test under my nose ...... :)

We're going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I do to help look after my wife and foetus?!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any good tips etc?

We're going to visit her parents today and tell them the good news ... wish me luck lol!

My parents were so excited for us, but my wife has a hormonal condition that could make this a risky venture so we're not expecting her parents to be too happy about this.

Still, it's our life! We decided to try when we were on honeymoon in Austria just over a month ago. She stopped taking the pill, came straight on, and then we went at it like bunnies! I guess I must have super sperm to have got her pregnant in the first month of trying! I've heard so many horror stories about people trying for months and months with no success.

I feel quite overwhelmed by the whole thing now.

And last night, she was talking to a friend on line who told her that most people have miscarriages within the first 12 weeks and now that we've told people a little early (come on - we are so excited about this we could hardly keep it a secret!) we'll probably have a miscarriage because of it!

Grrrr ... how can I protect my wife from it all!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I've ranted enough!

We've worked out the due date: 15th June :)

And we're seeing the doctor on Tuesday to get her general health checked out and to get medical advice.

I'm gonna be a daddy :)
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