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Pregnant Hubbies
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(gratuitously ripped off from the wonderful ladies over at pregnantwomen)

This is a community for fathers-to-be over the age of 21. This is a place where dads can come to vent, gloat, whatever about their significant other's pregnancy. This is a support group. As such, not every opinon in here will be the same, but one opinion should not be considered to be more "valid" than another. Please respect the opinions of everyone and try to keep the flaming to a minimum.

Let's face it. Why do the girls get all the attention? You're to blame for this too, you know. Some of you are terrified of this small person about to come barging into your lives. Some of you are thrilled beyond belief. This is a place where you can talk about it (I know, that's such an un-guy thing to do). We're all in this together.

A few basic rules:

  1. Be coherent.
  2. No pictures. Baby pics belong in babypictures. Belly pics belong in babyinthebelly or 40pictures
  3. Be nice.

The hubbies:

September Babies:
manuka(29) (moonsend's hubby). Early September sometime